DM Demirayak Metal Construction Inc. Ankara and other provinces in the steel industry, we have developed the manufacturing area with the production of machine printing production pallets, curing rack systems and curing rack systems that specifically address European facilities, with the increase in the use of decorative paving stones and tile stones around the world. We also operate in the fields of industrial factory building constructions, steel construction structures, airport steel structures, sports tribunes and integrated facilities. Our company, which has the ability to respond instantly to all kinds of products with our strong stock power, has been and continues to be the reason for preference with the service it offers. Dm Demirayak Metal maintains the trade principle based on the highest quality and service satisfaction by providing the products requested by the individuals and institutions that receive service from Dm Demirayak Metal. Our company, which has a young and dynamic staff who is well-trained and trained in its field, has gained a constantly rising momentum in a short time with its service understanding.

Our Vision

To continue by increasing the sales and product capacity with the Total Quality Method and to be among the strong companies in the position of meeting the expectations of the social stakeholders at the highest level.

Our Mission

To be a company that uses its resources effectively, is sensitive to the environment, finds the most salable product with competitive quality, at the least cost, is open to innovations and developments, meets the expectations of its customers, and makes an economic contribution to the country.

Our Values

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Giving Importance To Saving
  • Giving importance to devoted teamwork
  • Customer oriented work environmental protection
  • Being constantly innovative
  • Giving importance to education
  • Contributing to society and valuing development

Our quality policy

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Delivering commitments on time
  • To make production without waste, without defect, as soon as possible, with an understanding of quality.
  • To use the knowledge, experience and necessary up-to-date technology at every stage to achieve our goals,
  • To support the development of our employees with training and to revive them with a team spirit focused on skills and efficiency.